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Nick Cropp
Digital Design Director
Worked at Jo Malone London

A multi-disciplinary designer with a great work ethic. Fast and diligent, with a natural eye for beautiful consumer centred design. A joy to have around, and I hope to work again with in the future.

Patrick Duggan

Senior Creative Manager
Worked at Arcadia

Sara has, in only 12 months, established herself within the brand to such a degree that her work is appreciated at the most senior level within Arcadia.

Since joining us as junior designer she has consistently produced phenomenal design work becoming an integral part of all major projects from the concept stage.

Never before have I worked with a designer who has such a genuine love for design. Sara is constantly visiting exhibitions and lectures to widen her knowledge. This ever increasing expertise is evident in her constantly evolving style.

There is no preciousness attached to what she does. As well as a remarkable natural ability she understands commerciality and is willing to adjust her work to fit end use.

I have absolutely no doubt that in a few years Sara’s work will be considered within the graphic design industry to be some of the very best there is. I’m just glad that I have the opportunity to work with her for a while.
Ravi Sohanpal
Art Director
Worked at Jaeger

I worked with Sara for only a short period of time yet was immediately impressed by just how much of a positive impression she made on myself and the rest of the team.

She tackled every brief with precision and finesse, often bringing more to the table than expected with original ideas and considered design solutions. No job was ever too big or too small and I felt at ease knowing that she would consistently deliver to a high standard of finish.

One of Sara's biggest strengths was her infectious positive attitude, always lifting the mood of those around her, she quickly became a much-loved and integral member of the team.

Sara has shown much promise as a designer; creativity, flair, some pretty killer skills and an approachable, fun personality. Given the opportunity I will most definitely work with her again as I genuinely believe she's on the road to achieving some super big things.

Kevin Shilling

Worked at Shilling

True creativity and innovation can't be taught or made, yet Sara has those abilities, they come naturally to her. She is a high quality designer who is always pushing the boundaries and exploring ideas, and at the same time being very practical and logical. She works within the brief but avoids the obvious, easy solutions.

Emma Weber
Creative Lead
Worked at Arcadia

I had the pleasure of managing Sara for approximately 1 year at Arcadia after having worked together at The Body Shop. Sara is an extremely passionate designer and a pleasure to work with. She consistently delivers work of a high standard wether it's for digital or print, at a fast pace. Sheʼs excellent at taking on multiple projects at a time. She was a key asset to the business for keeping the brand looking fresh and exciting, receiving great feedback from the various departments in Arcadia. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emily Wheeler
Senior Artworker
Worked at Arcadia

I worked alongside Sara within the Evans Creative team for 2 years, and within those 2 years she inspired me with her passion for all things design. It’s hard not to be interested when she talked so excitedly about the latest exhibition or design trend she’d seen recently. Her skills as a Graphic Designer reflect this, both technically and creatively she is always one step ahead, keen to push new ideas and has the conviction to make them happen. Her organisation and efficiency mean’t that no deadline was missed, meetings were always prepared for and her daily to do list was always complete. Sara consistently delivered high quality design concepts with clear guidelines on print requirements, formats and finishing details ensuring the design/artwork process was as smooth as possible. I hope that one day when Sara runs her own design agency I will be lucky enough to work with her again!
Laetitia Vinot
Senior Project Manager
Worked at Jo Malone London

Sara is a fantastic designer I have been lucky to work with. She is dedicated to her work and team and has a strong willingness to always learn more to improve herself. We have worked together on many digital campaigns with very tight deadlines and numerous last-minute changes, and Sara has never showed anything but enthusiasm and commitment to bring beautiful results. Together with her sensible approach to style and user experience, she is a great addition to any team and business.

Lorna Elliott

Marketing Manager
Worked at Arcadia + Every Second Counts

I worked with Sara for 2 years at Arcadia from 2015-2017. During my time there she impressed me with her flare for finding innovative yet brand appropriate solutions for all creative marketing briefs. She challenges the norm and thinks outside of the box. She's also time and budget aware and can work on multiple projects at one time without the creative suffering. I've since moved to work for Every Second Counts, a startup sportswear brand, where I've continued to use Sara as a freelance designer. Sara quickly grasped the brand ethos and the direction we were trying to take the brand in in terms of branding and creative. The projects she's completed for Every Second Counts have been on brand, beautifully designed and well considered. She's completed both print and digital projects including lookbooks, website designs, emails and promotional material. She's played a huge role in our re-branding and I look forward to working on more projects with her in the future. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.